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PRO Chess League


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There used to be a United States Chess League, but apparently they became the PRO Chess League... PRO is an acronym for Professional Rapid Online. I missed season 1 but there is a logo for every team. I don't know who designed them but a lot of them have the same thematic feel.




My personal favorites are the Buenos Aires KrakensBuenosAires_Krakens.png.b07b2947a1feca2aa191e213fe3574b0.png, Portland RainPortland_Rain.png.e869d042d6fc44747e79501931359f92.png, Reykjavik PuffinsReykjavik_Puffins.png.c724d88e53b31abf0c6705ca78e004a0.png, and Ljublijana DirewolvesLjubljana_Direwolves.png.4fe122bef7f911b1957fda101c60bd30.png.


The bigger versions are below:

598619040dd2f_buenosaireskrakens.jpg.52445906bb5424afbba443fa1bf461d6.jpg 59861950bd305_portlandrain.png.3cf8c1ccf427f269ff9a6d3e705484bc.png 5986195e09f36_reykjavikpuffins.png.74813bab3a1ddeb30542ca40131b14af.png 5986197177115_ljubijanadirewolves.png.275e31c832e3e74917151223d6fac685.png

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