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Love the palm tree on the away for ISC. I think the home could even use the palm tree as well, just for some consistency across jerseys but that's just my opinion. Really like what you did with the shading on the bronco on the away jersey and like the consistency with the badge and the home jersey. Can't wait to keep this league going. First thread in a while that I actually anticipate everyday.

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Now for the FPL runner-ups and my hometown club...


Lauderdale AC

“The Mariners”

Fort Lauderdale, FL

League: Floridian Premier League

Kits: Nike

Colors: Navy, White, and Red

Sponsor: Citrix

Year Founded: 1940

USSL Titles: 3

League Finish: 2


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This is one of the most underrated concept threads on the board IMO. Time and time again you deliver with flawless logos and kits. Each kit is better than the last. I have followed this from a far for a while, checking it out but not commenting. You deserve loads of credit. I think the break maybe took some eyes off the thread, but you have done a great job.


Once again, everything looks fabulous. Keep it up! I look forward to the next installment.

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