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Feedback on new logos please


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I'd say the top right is certainly the strongest one. Having the animal in white on a red background doesn't work due to the contrast/colour balance, so I'd stick to the red on white. I think the red outlines of the stag could be just a bit thicker as well. I'd stick to the shield as opposed to the roundel, as the overall shape of the stag head leaves a lot of negative space when placed in the circle. The shield offers a nicer balance. I'm also not sure you gain anything by having the shield be dual-toned, and I'd try keeping the top of the shield flat instead of arched. Hopefully some of that is a bit helpful, nice work.

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I liked the bottom left logo with Deer in the circle. Both of them (Colors and One Color) are too good to pass up. Just a suggestion, try to enlarge the stars a bit more. However you could try incorporate the idea of putting both Lion and Deer in one logo. Make it looks as medieval animals on sides or inside the shield. 


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