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6 hours ago, mahnkej said:

Nice work on this series! I really like what you did with Pittsburgh in particular, the bridges on the sleeves was a nice touch.

Thanks! Credit to @Paul Lucas for the original idea. 


On 6/26/2023 at 6:41 PM, VampyrRabbit said:

I dig the Pittsburgh uniform, but wondering if I would dig it more with a Steel Grey cap with a gold bill.

Here you go:



This doesn't look bad, but I prefer the gold crowned cap because it evokes hardhats worn by steel workers.

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  • 9 months later...

I'm back again with the first team from the final year of initial City Connect designs, the Philadelphia Phillies!

My first tweak is cross-posted from my new Nike 4+1 series:



- Put me down as one of the who actually like the Phils’ new City Connect uniforms. They’re pretty much the prototypical City Connect design: wildly different team colors, city iconography-inspired logos, “edgy” looking numbers and dark pants.

- One thing I did feel the need to change was the jersey gradient; I’ve always felt the best uniforms and logos are ones that can be easily recreated with a simple pen and paper, and it’s a bit hard to do that with a gradient. The jersey instead now features the Philadelphia skyline, a la the cap logo. I also converted the jersey into a partial pullover. 

- This is a super minor detail, but I made the Liberty Bell letter "O" on the sleeve patch gold to match the socks. 
- Thanks to @MJD7 for helping with the wordmark!

The next tweak is a bit more significant:



- Funnily enough, the inspiration for this version came from this women's fashion shirt I found on the MLBShop.com. 

- I was worried this design might veer a little too closely to the Cubs' City Connect, but in my universe the North Siders' design would be green, so the similarities would be minimal. 

- Front numbers are added for balance. 


I like to think that this second version might have been a little better received than what we actually got. C&C appreciated! 

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  • coco1997 changed the title to City Connect tweaks (Phillies 4/9)
  • 2 weeks later...

Next up are the Mets!



- I find it funny how the teaser for the Mets' City Connect had everyone convinced the uniforms would be mainly purple, when it wound be being nothing more than an accent color. My goal here was to crank up the purple a bit, which I did by recoloring the "NYC" jersey letters, cap logo and cap bill. 
- Even though I don't hate how it looks as much as I thought it would, I still think pinstriped jerseys need to be paired with matching pants, so we end up with a monochrome concrete gray look. 

 - A small pop of white is added to the roundel and sleeve trim. 


C&C appreciated! The Rays are next on the City Connect schedule, so I'll be back with a tweak of that design soon. 

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  • coco1997 changed the title to City Connect tweaks (Mets 4/19)
  • 3 weeks later...

I've been neglecting this thread somewhat, so I'm back today with a full Rays redesign set!














- I wanted to try my hand at a full Rays redesign built around the City Connect's excellent "SkyRay," easily the best logo to come out of the entire City Connect program thus far (though I do have a big soft spot for Milwaukee's "grill ball"). 

- One thing I don't love about Tampa Bay's City Connect is the heavy use of black, so I split the difference here and used the darker shade of purple from the Devil Rays' original primary logo

- The flames from the "Tampa Bay" script are added to Devil Rays' original BP jersey wordmark and "TB" cap logo for the road and home alt.

- Similar to my Rays 4+1 set, the newly added front numbers are solid-colored to offset the gimmickiness of the script gradients somewhat. 

- This one's a really small detail, but I changed the stroke around the SkyRay from green to white, which helps it pop a bit better, IMO. 

And for good measure, here's a repost of my City Connect tweak:



C&C appreciated, and have a great weekend!

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  • coco1997 changed the title to City Connect tweaks (Full Rays Redesign 5/10)
  • 2 weeks later...

I realized I've been neglecting this threat a bit, so I decided to catch up on the last few City Connects released. First up is a new spin on the Mets:





- For this version of the Mets, I decided to go all in on the subway signage and color scheme that inspired the team's actual design. 

- I originally planned to use racing stripes but changed course after the Guardians stole my thunder. 


Next up are some tweaks, all of which are cross posted from my MLB Nike 4+1 series:





- I wanted to address the biggest (and most legitimate) criticisms of Detroit's newly unveiled City Connect design: the total lack of orange and horrible cap logo. The TV numbers and tire tape pattern on the sleeves and pants are therefore recolored orange, and the "DETROIT" wordmark on the cap is replaced with the tiger eye "headlights" that appear above the jersey's jock tag. Shoutout to @Victormrey for helping out with the tread pattern! 





- I like Cleveland’s City Connect, and while I LOVE the use of racing stripes, I’m not convinced they work on a uniform without a matching jersey and pants. I wanted to go monochrome, and since black and navy are played out at this point, I decided to go all-in on the sandstone color from the “CLE” wordmark.   





- Since St. Louis played it safe with their City Connect, I did the same with my tweak, going all-in on the flag motif. As much as I love the wavy pinstripes idea, I think white/blue/white trim based on the flag is more distinct and would certainly be more visible on the field.

- “The Lou” is being mocked mercilessly online—both due to its phonetic similarity to the British slang for a toilet, and because apparently no one living in St. Louis actually calls it that—so I went with the 1920-21 arched “St. Louis” wordmark that inspired the cap “STL.”  

- The cap now mimics the sleeve patch with its combination Fleur-de-lis/Arch logo. I figured a white front panel would help dispel criticisms that it’s too similar to the team’s everyday cap.   

C&C appreciated as always!

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  • coco1997 changed the title to City Connect tweaks (Mets Redesign, Tigers, Guardians & Cardinals 5/22)

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