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  1. Looks very conservative, which was probably the intention.
  2. Looks very much like you'd expect an 80s fauxback to look, and I love the 80s White Sox uniforms a lot, so it looks good to me.
  3. Love these because they remind me of the Braves brief attempted rebranding as the "Bees" in the 1930s, with a blue and yellow color scheme.
  4. Love these Clippers uniforms. Unlike the real ones, they stand out.
  5. The Aquamarine Jays looks good. As for primary logos, while it's normally tricky because generally the team's real colors are based on the primary logo, I'm thinking of the 1987-1996 Pirates -Change from black and yellow to black and white/gray (yes, this will be reminiscent of the Raiders football team), but to simulate the pirate's cravat, have huge red collars (think the black on the 70s White Sox) -Cap logo is the crossed baseball bats on the pirate's cap.
  6. The Jets aircraft on the helmet looks like an F-117 Nighthawk. Was that deliberate?
  7. Like the different colored sleeves. If you wanted another scratch built Dodgers uniform, you could do one with a Hollywood sign imitation font. That would fit and look good.
  8. The Northern Lights Timberwolves jersey looks absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Nice work. I love the deliberately out of place 1970s font and the ANGRY MEAN SCOWL of the 2000s guardian mascot.
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