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The 24 Days Of Concepts begins!


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Many of us are familiar with the concept of an Advent calendar. Open the door corresponding with each day leading up to Christmas Eve, see what's hiding behind each one.

This is my version of an Advent calendar. Over the next 24 days, I'll unveil a uniform concept that I've either 1) never released, or 2) revised from when I first released it. This all leading up to the grand finale on Christmas Day with a major announcement from me.

And now, December 1st's concept.


This is a design I first created last July as a what-if: what if the high school I graduated from added a hockey team? My original concept was almost identical to this one, except that I de-emphasized the black on the white jersey and deleted a stripe along the bottom (the original had three).

C&C welcomed as always.

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its is very very nice, i like the original striping on it. the only thing that might thow it off a little is the more tradition style striping at the bottom, maybe just one thick stripe would make it better.

awesome concept!

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(Transferred from the other thread I created for this concept. Mods, please delete the other whenever it's convenient.)

Here we go with Concept #2. Prior to the NFL season starting, Lamicus, the owner of the CFA's Cleveland Zephyrs, held a contest to design the team's new jerseys (the team changed identities from the 2003 season). I was thrilled to learn my concept had been chosen, at the time, it was my greatest accomplishment as a (very) amateur uniform designer.

But I wasn't totally happy with it. It looked, for lack of a better word, amateurish. I hadn't gotten the hang of Illustrator yet, and I really wanted to make the uniform set look better.

So I went to work on what you see below. I made a small tweak once the MLB fonts came out, and I think what I have is how I wanted the Zephyrs' uniforms to look all along.

Enjoy, and of course, C&C welcome.


I've got a few good concepts coming this weekend, including one that's been in my head since 1996 that I couldn't put together - until now! Stay tuned!

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where's the one for Dec. 3? lol

i like them so far, that last one looks to Christmas-y though imo

They only look that way because of the red lettering for 'home' and 'away', the colors themselves are Zephyr Green, Plum, and Champagne Gold :D

I love those, Ryan...the only thing I'd change is on the home unies, switch the outline and drop-shadow colors...then they're perfect.

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Couldn't the Zephyr's star logo be flipped on the left sleeve (on our right) to face forward? Looks weird flowing backward.

STINK! It is supposed to be facing forward! :P

Oh well, guess that one's going back to the drawing board... ^_^

By the way, I'll have 12/3 and 12/4 posted later on tonight. Expect them to drop around 8:00 p.m. ET. :)

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Well, I'm a little late: but here's December 3:


I started a project about six months ago to create uniforms for all the teams in my fantasy baseball league I'm the co-commissioner of. This one's for my best friend's team (he's an avid bowler, thus the Brooklyn Strikes name).

The color scheme is of the Brooklyn Cyclones New York-Penn League team. The logo is an edit of the AMF bowling logo - I never said I was a logo whiz!

December 4 forthcoming.

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I teased today's concept on Thursday, and I decided today was as good a day as any to let it loose.

First, the backstory:

Let's set the WABAC Machine (yes, that's the spelling, I checked) for the fall of 1996. My sophomore year at the University of Connecticut, and I was a growing fan of the school's women's basketball team, which had won the NCAA championship the previous season.

I also was intrigued at the time of the Milwaukee Bucks' alternate jersey, which we all know was the one with the buck head (and not much else) on the front of it.

And the thought process began: what would it look like if UConn adopted something similar for the women's basketball team? This is the result:


Now, please note that this is not 100% historically accurate (the UConn women were a Reebok-outfitted team at the time), but I tried to get it close. Of course, looking at it now, maybe I'm glad this idea stayed in my head as long as it did - I'm sure there'd have been a major outcry if they actually adopted this monstrosity! :D

So what's everyone else's take?

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The high school jersey for hockey is nice, the Zephyrs is good too but Id change the gold numbers on the white to green.

I dont get the bowling and baseball mix, and the blue is too light if you as me, and the UConn logo on a basketball jersey does not work maybe it would look good on a hockey jersey.

BTW I do like this idea of a dialy concept for Christmas.

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