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Philadelphia 76ers Logo Concept


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Seriously, The Sixers current package is showing it's late 90s age.

I support bringing back the older logo and the uniforms from Iverson's rookie year. But, I figured I'd also try my hand at an alternative. Hopefully, someone hasn't thought of something similar.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.


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how about some constructive critisisam?

OK....I don't mind attempting to implement the Liberty Bell into the logo, but the positioning of the "6" is awkward, the "7" looks more like a messed-up "Z", and there's nothing indicating that it's a basketball team....

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Maybe I'm trying to incorporate a too much into the logo. Hopefully, you can see in this tweaked version that I'm trying to include the number 76 with a liberty bell, but also in such a manner that the 7 and the 6 form a P.


I intend to work further on this.

Thanks again.

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Not all basketball logos have to have a basketball in them--so that part missing? No big deal...

In the NBA, only 9 of the 30 teams are missing a basketball from their primary logo, and of those, 4 of them (Bobcats, Grizzlies, Bucks, Blazers) have a basketball in their alternate logos. The only ones without a mention of a basketball are the Bulls, Nuggets, Rockets, Wolves and Spurs...

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