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High School Football


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yeah, id be willing to share haha. :D

jp said he redrew the template from uniforms past and prensent, and so i redrew it again with modern mods like cap sleeves and little details like the stiching and stuff, and added some shadows for depth like jp did. then i added the 3d helmets and a side view to show striping.

so theres the process if you want to make one with your own flava, or i guess you can just PM me if you want mine.

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Okay, it's criticism time on your sets.

  • LAMAR H. S. - Ditch the all-black look. You know my feelings about it. On the white unis, if you're going to wear black pants, at least have white or orange socks to break the monotiny.
  • DENAIR H. S. - Lose the purple pants. They'd look like the early 1960's Minnesota Vikings, "half-dyed Easter eggs" according to one who was there.
  • ST. IGNATIOUS H. S. - Now that's a uniform. If I coached the team, this is what they'd wear. Only difference is that I would not have the players names on the back of the jerseys. There is no "I" in "TEAM"...but there is however, "M-E".
  • CERES H. S. - Lose the red pants.

Other than that, good job. You have an excellent future in designing uniforms.

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the reason i have the one color looks, is not because i like them, but because i wanted to show many jersey/pants possibilities, as they were requests, but i cant go to such length to go through all the sock/pants combos as well.

as for the purple pants and the red pants, i dont like how silver/grey pants look with a white jersey, unless the helmet is silver as well, and i find the all white look kinda boring at times, so i usually paste the more lively combinations in the image.

saint ignatius currently wears names on its uniforms, so i put them on there. they are a private school with an ego to boost.

thank you sir may i have another?


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i actually cant stand the half color, half white socks haha. i guess its just personal opinion. the half and half gives no flow or purpose to a colored sock. like you have a brown jersey and orange pants and brow... oh the socks are white again. it just breaks up the flow. its so sad that detroit is the only team that uses all one color socks in the nfl, and thats only with the throwback.

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