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alts everywhere for xmas


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I wish they'd adopt their Minneapolis Blue as an alternate. It looks nice and contrasts their normal colors.

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If the Lakers were a baseball team in the 1980s...

I love the 80's Phillies uni's.

I'm with you. The maroon at home, the powder blues on the road, and that terrific P logo were among the best baseball uniforms of all time, certainly the best to come out of an otherwise terrible era. That's why I think the current Phillies uniforms are so poor - on their own, they'd be fine, and for many teams they'd be a definite upgrade. But for the Phillies, they're so far beneath what they replaced as to rank the Phillies near the new-look Blue Jays at the bottom of my personal uniform rankings.

As to the Lakers, it's a decent design; the blue works better with the purple and yellow than I'd have thought. However, that team is gonna look wrong until they change the name. I've been to Los Angeles; there are no more lakes there than there is jazz in Salt Lake. Which is to say, pretty much none.

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Yeah but the Lakers whites are hideous. For the twelve of you who are still looking for a reason to hate Kobe Bryant, I hear the whites are his favorites.

i like the whites way more than those nasty purple uniforms. i hate that stripe on the side of the jerseys too, all three of them


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