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He's back!


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#24 is back in the Bronx. The Yankees signed Tino Martinez today.

Martinez, Yanks finalize 1-year, $3M deal

This is a way to force Giambi out. He has been hearing the Tino chants since Giambi came to the Yanks. Everytime Tino has comeback he has gotten a stand ovation, even after hits a home run against the Yankees. Now with Tino back Giambi will hear the chants louder and will want out.

As a Yankee Fan, I am happy, I never wanted Giambi on the Yankees. I thought Tino and Nick Johnson could have split time at first. Martinez being back is Great News!!!


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I always like Tino with the Cards even though he underperformed.

It was my prediction that when he went to TB he would have a good year again.

I figured it was an obvious one, because his best numbers with the Cards came when he played vs. the AL East and after he had gone home to visit his family in Tampa.

I suspect he'll put up more good numbers back with the Yankees.

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