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The TNFF is the Chris Creamer Sports Logos Community's only CFL fantasy league, and has openings for new owners.

Application is free, relatively painless, and won't cause congenital birth defects in 99 out of 100 nursing mothers! This link above will take you to the official Franchise Application thread on the TNFF's very own message board.

Join a collection of some of the CCSLC's most entertaining personalities (as voted by Vibe magazine) for some fun fantasy Canadian football. Want to learn more about this exciting league? Check out www.TNFF.tk, our (seriously-in-need-of-an-update) website, for more!

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There's still time to get in on the fun! Apply today!

Deadline for applications is the end of the month.

Apply! Or else I'll eat all your red smarties and you'll be lost in confusion forever!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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