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GD BOOTCAMP-Event 3- The Web Advertisment


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Sgt. Francis: You turds are miserable pieces of plop! Stand at attention and listen to Sgt Cummings? alter ego, Civilian Patrick Cummings.

Pat: Hey dudes, Patrick Cummings from Cummings Nissan here. I?ve got an easy one for you. I want some web advertising. I need it like..yesterday. Its going on our city?s webpage, maxim and google. This should be easy, its just putting some type in front of a car, my picture, and my location. Its easy, so it shouldn?t cost me anything. I need this in a week man. I?ll email you the pictures and my logo as soon as I get home man.

Sgt. Francis: Here?s your information:


Cummings Nissan


Rt. 30 and I-93

Target: Used Car Buyers

Recomended Program: Photoshop

Provided Materials: Logo and pictures will be provided. Needs to be 500p x 100p.

Budget: Tight

Recomended time: 1 hour

Deadline: February 29 12:00 eastern time

Keep an eye out for the pictures and other information as soon as Mr. Cummings sends it. Dismissed!


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Because of the board being down, this event's deadline will be extended. We'll let you know tomorrow and hopefully the shady used car's salesman has his act together and will get some stuff posted for you guys. What a terrible client eh?

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Maggots! Correspondence from the client!!!

Hey guys, Pat Cummings here... sorry I didn?t get you guys the images earlier.. its been busy here. We had our annual "Circus Sale" and clowns made a mess of the place.

I can't seem to find the images that you need, but I think these will do.

Here is the Nissan logo-


I wanted to give you our dealership's logo, but I can't find a good image of it, so I made one for you. I don?t really know these fancy drawing programs much, but I think it turned out really well. Maybe I can do the next banner.


I really need this Sunday. Like, before noon. I was supposed to get it to the web guys at Maxim by the 1st of March, but before the next week of sales is an absolute. So, if you can rush it, that would be great. Thanks!

OK, you heard the client, men. Get to work! Clients aren?t always easy to deal with, so do what you can with him. And get your entries in on time!

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I've found a discrepancy that should definitely be considered. I created a banner to fit the template, but the space on the template is only 404 x 88, not 500 x 100 or even the same proportion. Is it acceptable if the banner is the actual 404 x 88 that fits the template instead of the requested 500 x 100?

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Well done.... We will contact the client and see what he says.

Prepare for a 45 minute speech from the client repeating everything he already told you over and over again, never answering your original question.

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I believe the client accidently resized the template. He's sorry for the error.

please produce it at 100 x 500 and leave the template as is.

btw...no annimated gifs. We considered allowing flash and such but to make it easier to post them, we wanted to keep everything in the same format.

This event was boring...I think you guys will like the next couple :)

I'm also sorry at my lack of involvment so far. The last couple weeks I've been extremly busy with work and some other things. So to Sargent Francis, my deepest appologies. It will improve.

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Dudes, Pat cummings here. I was searching the internet and I found this AWESOME logo for Nissan I'd rather use. Could you swap it out? It'd be really easy. And it'd only take you 10 mins so you won't have to charge me anything else. I can't wait to see it. Litterally, I need it!!!!!


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