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Toronto Blue Jays Jerseys


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(Home)Added some red

please give me some imput on what you think.

(C&C Please)

(I also updated the Browns Jerseys adding Brown Pants to all the jerseys and Brown lettering to the Away jersey inplace of orange ones; and I made a steelers ALT.)

Jays Jerseys and Others

Away and alts soon to come for the Jays ones

Also Nationals Jerseys soon to come

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EDITING: they may be gone temporarily

Here's an idea... when "editing," use the "Edit" button.

dude I'm not stupid if I needed the Edit button I would use it I meant I'm editing the jerseys so they may be off my site temporarily! Duh!

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I commented on the Nats and Jays in another spot. Now you pick on my Browns. You ever hear "if it ain't broke don't fix it?" The Browns original unis, white jersey, white pants, white socks and the brown jerseys and socks are UNTOUCHABLE!

The Browns aren't some cheapass expansion team trying to buy their fans' loyalty with circus sideshow uniforms. They're the Cleveland Browns! Yeah, I know the team is technically an expansion team. But the only thing that that lying SOB Art Modell did when he bailed for crab country was leave the nickname, colors and records. The Browns don't need a re-do. Just lose the tacky orange pants.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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