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My first Logo Set.


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As others have said, the shark definately looks a little...unsharklike. Too me it looks kind of like an angry dolphin. The reason I say dolphin is because it looks like the shark is leaping. Leaping is kind of associated more with dolphins and whales and stuff. Maybe if you made the shark in a little creapier motion...like stalking its prey or something...I dunno. As for the wordmark, I'm not a fan of the Orlando only because of the style of the o's and the spacing between the letters.

With the "Sharks" part of the wordmark, there is a large gap formed by the r touching the k. Maybe it would be kind of cool if you changed the font to fit the dorsal (is the the right word?) fin of the shark in there. Like a shark kind of turning under the word "Sharks" with the dorsal fin filling the void of the r. I dunno, just suggestions.

I do like the colors a lot. It's a good clean first try, but too simple, and too cartoony. Nice job.

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You've got the right idea. Definitely onto something.

It just doesnt look like a shark to me though. The fins are too close to the front.

looks more like the Orlando Mad Arrows to me. :P i like it

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