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"NEW" Pacers Concept


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see when I'm in Paint and I'm on the "save as" window thing and I scroll down that "save as type" bar it just lets me save as .bmp. I've also tried, when I save it, to put the name I want then .jpg or whatever, and it still doesn't work.?????

It's really starting to tick me off!

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The other thing - and I'm really not trying to come down on you or anyone else here - is that a lot of people don't seem to want to use the 'IMG' tags available on this board.

I made this up to help:



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You seem to be the only one who cannot save it as anything other than a .BMP, which is odd.

Are you hitting that arrow (circled here)?:


Search Paint.NET on google or on this board. That is a Paint program that is a little more advanced. It is sometimes a pain to work with though.

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Say, if MS Paint doesn't do it (and it may be b/c you need a more recent version for that option), try IrfanView!


I use it all the time, and I love it!

thank you so so so so so so much!!!! It worked!!!!!!! Now my pics are much bigger and I can post them in my reply. Thank you so much!

I cannot say thank you enough, not just to you but to all the people that have tried helping me and giving me advice. Thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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