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Hey guys...just wanted some feedback. Running my own fantasy football league again this year and one of the neat things I do for the other owners is to design helmets for them. Most are original, but a few are take-offs on other teams existing designs with some tweaks. I'd love to get your feedback on the helmets. You can visit the following link for the helmet pages:


You can see a sample of one of the 2005 helmets in my signature. The helmet design is one I tweaked from an earlier version I had. Sorry there are no 3-D views. I only have MS Paint to work with.

Please note - there is a tribute page to the WLAF/NFLE with approximations of their helmets. All trademarks and logos are property of the NFL, I presume.


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i think you've got some great ideaz, but you're using bad templatez - try downloading one of the helmet templatez you can find on this site (above in templates thread) or go to a site like fantasysportslogos.com and grab some of those blank helmetz - you can do some tight designz, even with paint...i did all of the helmetz for our league in paint, az well (although i added the reflective light with psp8 once i got that program)

oh yeah...lose all the zzzz's :)

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Another anti-z comment here--but more too--mostly good...

while I certainly applaud your efforts and have done a lot of the same stuff you've done, except for Madden, m y main comment is that a lot of the helmet logos look backwards--which just looks wrong--then you did reverse one logo to face forward--except it was the Rhythmz--which is a musical note and so it was actually backwards--and to me that's the same as putiing a letter in the logo backwards--(yeah I'm a musician too).

But overall entertaining--I'll be checking on it again...

You show great initiative in doing this...

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Thank"z" agian for the constructive feedback. The "Z" thing is only so I don't become accused of "stealing" other team names from existing teams. Although, by the graphics, you can easily tell, I'm no guru. The real names (of course) would end in "S" instead of "Z". The point of the exercise to to not only be creative, but if someone else wants to use a design and change the colors or logo position or whatever, then they can do that. Good example is the armadillo on the helmet in my signature. True, it's facing the wrong way. I tried it facing towards the helmet opening, and it just doesn't look right (to me).

Most times, any helmet logo can be accused of "looking wrong", no matter which way it is facing, depending on which helmet side you are looking at. Some helmets look ridiculous in almost any direction (I think the Arena football NY Dragons are a good example of this. The logo is ridiculous.) But, it works for them.

Again, thanks for the constructive feedback. I take a lot of it to heart, and nothing personally.

Pretty much, unless a logo is symetrical, it's not going to look "right"....just my 2 cents...

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I can see a lot of hard work has gone into this, even if the templates aren't the best. Anyway, if anything, it is a nice little clearinghouse for logos that are organized by category. I am not sure such a resource exists elsewhere. One thing that struck me as I was browsing: I am surprised by the amount of logos featuring birds with teeth. Bird teeth?


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