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Mockup of potential new Bills Throwback


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I made these mockups really quick following the announcement that the Buffalo Bills are going to wear a throwback with a "twist" for two games this season.

The top design uses the current shade of blue (or something close) and the current logo.

EDIT: I fixed the colors up and took out the outline around the 1965 buffalo.

Take a look here Throwback design

Questions and comments always appreciated.

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You're on the right track. The big question is- Will the "throwbacks" they use be a faithful representation of the mid-'60s uniforms or a "modernized" close-but-no-cigar version?

I appreciate your efforts and what you did, but they fall into the latter category.

Keep trying. <_<

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are you refering to the top design or the bottom one? The lower one is pretty much exact minus the outline of the buffalo. I'll remove that when I fix the colors.

If anyone has vector files of the actual Bills font I can out that in too.

Thanks for all the constructive criticism.

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In the '60s the Bills jerseys and pants were made by Rawlings. The number font they used was Rawlings' standard pro-style full block. It's the same style the Minnesota Twins use today.

Also the sleeve striping (socks, too) pattern was called "Utah" and has an extra row of very thin striping on the outside of the two thicker sets. The striping you show is more representative of the '70s style. I'll try to find a photo you can use to replicate it.

Keep at it, you'll get there. :D

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thanks for the comments guys! I can't wait to see what they'll actually look like this weekend.

I hope the replicas aren't too expensive and don't lose a lot of quality.

I'll be posting what I think the Bills should change to using this model as a template, but keeping with the current color scheme (Blue, Blue, Red, and Grey).

Thanks again for the comments!

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Care to elaborate?

From what I could tell, pretty much the same as the '65 jersey.

Also, I heard a new sound bite on the Bills official site, it was GM Donohoe saying, in not so many words, that the old helmet/pants ensemble would return also.

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