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Charlotte Bobcats Concept


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To be honest, I'm still not sure how I feel about this concept. I wanted to make the colors more realistic, because I didn't feel the orange/navy combination fit the team at all. Bobcats are naturally gold/black/grey/white, so I tried to fit that into this concept. You'll notice that this isn't as much a concept as it is a plain recolorization (except that I changed the number font), so...criticize at will.


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Reminds me of Wake Forest with the colors. Overall I really like it. I never liked the orange and blue combo they use.

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Like the colors better than what they use now (even if these do come too close to Wake Forest for my liking), and best of all, you cleaned up my biggest gripe with the uniforms - the numbers. Much better.

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Sorry man, but I LOVE orange & blue. We finally get an NBA team to use orange and you want to change it! Besides, I hate black & gold. My school here is orange & blue and our biggest rivals are black & gold (yellow type).

And for hoops the 'Cats number font is fine. Our girls team will use the style on their new unis for '05-'06. :mad::blink:

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very Wake Forest.

Who cares, it looks a hell of a lot better!


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