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Legends in Wrong Uniforms


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Pretty neat. Others that they missed come to mind:

- Joe Montana in a Kansas City Chiefs jersey (yeah, I know he spent 2 seasons there, but still....)

- Johnny Unitas in a San Diego Chargers jersey

- O.J. Simpson in a 49ers jersey

-and maybe not a legend nationwide, but certainly a legend 'round these parts:

-- Archie Manning in a Houston Oilers or Minnesota Vikings jersey.

Going the other direction, how about this one:

- Brett Favre in a Falcons jersey (his first year, after he was drafted). I don't think he ever saw any playing time other than pre-season, though.

Hey, Gothamite, that pic of Hammerin' Hank got me remembering. Back in '76 we were on vacation and stopped in (old) Underground Atlanta. I distinctly remember going through a wax museum, which had a Hank Aaron mannequin wearing that Brewers uniform, not his Braves uniform. The funny thing was, they had a small blackboard next to him with his homerun count, that had been erased several times to keep up.


It is what it is.

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hasek is a sports legend?

that one sounds like quite a reach...

Having seen pictures of the next McFarlane NHL series with goaltenders I find it amusing that they have a Hasek figure in Senators gear despite the fact that he has yet to play a single game for them. It just looks wierd.

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