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EVENT 14: Surprise

The last one! Can you believe the end is here already?

Anyway, on to the criteria...

You can thank my wife, and a certain tourism commercial, for this one. She?s decided to take a hefty chunk of the Bar-B-Coon fortune and, rather than heading off to buy shoes, she?s starting a professional field hockey league.

The league?s first franchise has just been revealed: the West Virginia Mountain Mamas.

Design a primary logo and a uniform for the team. I?m not aware of a field hockey template, so you have some work to do there.

I?ve been told they prefer chocolate brown and baby blue in the color scheme, but I won?t hold you to it.

Deadline: Thursday, August 4th, 6:00 PM EDT

Submit entries to logolympiad@sbcglobal.net

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"West Virginia....."

"Mountain Mama....."

"Take Me Home!!"

Cant believe no one else "got" this.

I figured it was painfully obvious.

Is the song stuck in your head now?


Stuck in my head like sunshine on my shoulders.

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