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Brewer's Concept Jerseys


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Now that I finally see it, I'm sorry, but it looks like a complete mishmash. The barrelman, if used, should not go on the front, the yellow alternate is just ugly, in my opinion, and the glove... well, that's best left in the past.

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wow first the baby blue white sox and now this

and mine was god awful?

con·struc·tive (kn-strktv)


1. Serving to improve or advance; helpful: constructive criticism.

I can't see the image at the moment so I'll edit this when I can.

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LMU said it best: "Mishmash". Three logos from three different eras, which have next to nothing to do with each other, all crammed onto the same logo.

On one hand, I like the sleeve striping on all three jerseys. But beyond that, I'm just not feelin' these at all.

You list the present logo as an "alternate" logo, but it's not featured on the "alternate" jersey. The yellow is a little creamy and pastel for major leage baseball players. BBM is a little too detailed to be a uniform logo. Look at the other teams that don't use full wordmarks on their jerseys, and see how simple those logos are: Yankees' "NY", Reds' "wishbone C", Tigers' Olde English "D". You've got a cartoon rendition of a full-sized body swinging a bat. Way too busy, and it will wind up looking like an amorphous blob on the jerseys.

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