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Giants heritage caps


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Thanks, man. :)

Recently I was at mlb.com shop and there are plenty of "Gigantes" jerseys. But they are too expensive...

Better I'll wait for some eBay jerseys...

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the gigantes jerseys were only worn for one series and then auctioned. the only way you'll get one is off the players backs

My good friend, I also read those news and believed it.

But 2 hours ago, I found those jerseys already are at public sale.

Check that link where you can find some "Gigantes" jerseys.


Redsfan39, received & read PM and thank very much!

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I think that the SF Giants were too asked about those marvelous jerseys... and decided to put more of them to sale. Indeed those fans are a good market.

See, I was one of those fans dying for one of the "Gigantes" jerseys... and never hit the Giants' e-mail asking for one of them... imagine the other fans that took the iniciative to ask them. :P

Another thing I was thinking was in a near future, some MLB franchises would sell jerseys with their nickname in Spanish if they have (or had) great Latin idols... like the Angels (Angeles) and Twins (Mellizos if Santana will make a strong way to a endured stardom).

Other franchises with a strong history with Latin idols, like Dodgers, Mets and Red Sox will not translate their nicks because they have almost untranslatable or the Spanish nicknames are too long to put over the chest.

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