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Intriguing eBay find...

Roger Clemente

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It doesn't look Photoshopped. It looks like someone printed Roger's graphics onto decal paper, attached them and repainted the MacFarlane figure to look nothing like Dany Heatley.

Yes jps right. These people have whole sites devoted to custom work. It's really cool. I wish I knew how to do it. I think there was even a topic on these boards about it that had a link to a site. not sure though.

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I am well aware that people are making customs AND that they are using my resource files. I've known this for about two years now.

The one one eBay here seems to be using my OLD Senators resource file. And I have no clue where he found those letters or why he gave them an outline. (Although it doesn't look bad.)

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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if you look closely at the helmet it appears to be a jofa. So im guess that that figure is either Alfredsson or Hossa. Also Heatley only started wearing a visor after the lockout.

But who cares Ottawa sucks


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