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Carolina Panthers concept

Dave Ship

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Normally I like most of the things you post, but I'm not into this one.

The stripes are too thick, and the shoulder color splotches seem arbitrary and unbalanced. The socks take the pants colors and don't define the end of the pants. And then with so many of the aforementioned design elements, to use Block Varsity numbers is a bad clash.

Not something I'd ever expect to see on an NFL field. Sorry, it just needs to be toned down a lot.

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what would the helmet look like? personaly i think the current logo is a bit too big. even though it is the general shape of North and South Carolina i think the neck portion should be scrapped in favor of just the panther face

if you took the shoulder stripes from front to back i dont think it would look so bad

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I like this, although the inner battle of classic and tradition is battling the cheesey afl concept. The flow of the socks into the pants I think is a good call, and the jerseys seems to have a nice flow to it. It's almost San Jose Sharks-ish, but I'll give it a thumbs up.

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