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Will's Playoff Trivia


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Of course...willmorris, you bastard, that was a trick question. :P:D

They went winless and undefeated because they didn't play in the post season, that was the damn stirke shortened season where they had that "split-season" bullplop. Since Cincy didn't win their division either half-season, they didn't make the playoffs.

That was clever...it was dead wrong, but it was clever... :D

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My answer says the 1981 Cincinnati Reds. Had the best record in baseball and didn't lose a single playoff game that season.

::goes to dodge the lynching he probably earned with that question::

To go undefeated in the post season you have to play in the post season. Very nice trick question but it's not legit. While the '81 Reds didn't lose a game in the playoffs they also didn't win a game in the playoffs because they didn't participate. It's like saying the NY Rangers went undefeated in the 2004-2005 season. They never lost a game regular season or in the playoffs. :D

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