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Soccer jersey competition


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I need someone (or several people) to make me a soccer kit.

Here are the guidelines:

1) The official team colors are:

R-G-B Values

Tossers Green 0-79-0

Tossers Pale Gold 255-255-193

Tossers Dark Red 100-0-0

Tossers Red 166-0-0

Tossers Black 0-0-0

Tossers Pale Blue 198-255-255

and the jersey color must utilize one, any, or all of these colors.

The logo can be found at:


You can use either the bird itself, the wordmark itself, the bird and the wordmark together, or neither, or design your own logo that would fit a soccer club called "STFC". If your jersey design is picked as the winner, we'll gladly send you your own jersey, and you'll be an honourary member of STFC. (Or, if you go to the U of Regina, you're more than welcome to play with us.)

Good Luck.

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Is that just a generic bird, or is it something more specific?(looks like a pterodactyl to me, hence why I'm curious)

Also...are there any practical limits to the sort of design you'll find useful? i.e. can you afford insanely snazzy and expensive designs, or would you prefer something fairly straightforward?

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We can afford just about anything.

My buddy handpaints them with an airbrush and he's amazing. He can honestly do just about anything as long as he's able to make a stencil or freehand it with an airbrush. Be as snazzy as you like.

And, it's just a generic birdish type thing.  It's taken from our original logo (which I will post).  Our original name was the "Salad Tossers Football Club", but we're trying to get away from the "Salad Tossing" area of our game, now that we're actually good.  So, like ECHL, we're just STFC.  Our original logo can be found here:


By the by, here's a template if you need:

It's Driscrim's. (Thanks) (Yay)


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draft # 1.  Maybe more to come.


The template is one I made that is a combination of BDugan's baseball template, and STL Fanatics basketball template, and a little bit of my own working.  The full template has 3 collar options and long and short sleeves.

Scroll down to see a large version of the breast logo.

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Design anything you like for us.

Any shield, logo, whatever.

These are really looking great. Thanks, guys.

Primal? Could you post just the logo of the bird and ball you made, or whatever else you might have for us. We might look at asking your permission to use that as the logo.

Sabres - we're looking at using yours as well as a secondary.  I really like it.

If you have any other logo designs or anything, that'd be great.

We'd also like to make a third anniversary logo, using the roman numeral III, too. (Just a hint) :)


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Thanks mockba and sabres, I was already leaning towards the second, maybe now I'll just develop that one (unless Nick has a different opinion). I've never seen the NSP's soccer logo (perhaps you got a sample of it to show?), but I was meaning for the logo to be as iconic and emit as much strength as possible, so i'll take that correlation as a compliment.

Discrimihater, I didn't even really notice the fact that DC United's eagle also has a ball on its chest, but I see that as the only real similarity. The pose is fairly standard for any eagle logo, and I think my illustrative style distances it from DC's eagle by an extreme measure. Let me know if you disagree.


I think I may try to work the ball in somewhere else anyways, and start searching for sound placement for the STFC

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second one is better. But, both of them are so iconic, they look like the logo for the National Socalist Party Soccer team.

(N.S.P. are the Nazis)

Dang there are times I wish I wasn't such a history teacher! The Nazis were the NSDAP, (Nazional Sozialist Democratische Arbeits Partei or something close to that!) That National Socialist Workers Party! The workers part was quite important to the Nazis, as it allowed them to portray the Communists as aloof and middle class intellectual instead of actually doing what workers would want!

Sorry to get so intellectual and nit picky on you!!!!!! I'll snap out of it now!

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nitpick away.  I love history.

Sorry, JS, I was kind of vague in my wording.  I meant that it could be something for the Nazi's soccer team, if it ever existed.  Just because with the combination of the shield and the eagle, it looks very authoritative(which is good) but I immediately thought of Nazi imagery when I saw it.

I say Nazis because they used a lot of silhoutted eagles.

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