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Hey all..

after i did some retooling they accepted my community corner sign design.... now they wish to pay me... only problem is they said i get to set the amount... any clue how much i should charge... im totally new at this and dont think I did anything special... but they are insisting to pay me

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Charge them like maybe 10-30 dollars somewhere in there, nothing too distructive I would say, if they're gonna pay you, just ask for a little amount of cash.

That's just my thoughts, I'd probably say, "Just cut me a check for a 20, I could use a little extra cash." (Especially for me right now, my wallet's a little thin :D)

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YOu didn't mow their lawn GMAC, you created a visual identity for this project. You've set the tone for how everyone sees this co-op.  You've provided a unique service...and you should charge accordingly.

Ideally you would've laid down terms in advance, but since that isn't the case you now have to play it conservative or risk them being offended and not using it at all.

Still though, pick an hourly rate...and calculate the time worked on it and bill fairly.

YOu can always back track and give them a "discount". Say 10 hours at $50/hr...but you'll give them the home town 50% discount.

Make sure you can back up the price by delivering what you've created in every reasonable format for their usage....AI, EPS, JPG...whatever.

Dont cheat yourself man...I don't think about doing logo work for less than $500 and I know that's really low. It's got to be worth your time right?

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But Sterling, you're a pro.  I'm mean look at the teams you've worked with.  Then think about something like "community corner"(not really sure what that is).  I'm assuming this isn't some massive worldwide community corner( :D ), so their pockets probably aren't deep.  

For pricing here's a way to get an idea a possible charges.

1.  Find out how extensively this design will be used.  The more it's used, the more you should ask for.

2.  How long did you work on this project in terms of hours(roughly).

3.  Now, considering you don't do this thing professionally, right, your prices are going to be lower.  Pro's could work as low as $50/hr, people who don't do this for a sole living, but kind of like a little side project could go $25-30/hr, and then a complete amateur could go $10-20/hr.  

I don't really know how long in total hours this took for you to do, GMac, but I'd say don't go higher than $40.

Next time you do any design thing for a client, first figure out an hourly rate that fits with what the client is able to pay, and tac on a some more $$ if this design is going to go on all their stuff(shirts, signs, letterhead, buisness cards, everything).  Then just keep a log of the time you spent working on this design.  Then when you present your work to them and show them the price, if they say they really can't pay you, then you can work out some price negotiations.

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wow... never thought I would spark such a debate... but let me give you more of a back story... I worked at the local co-op in high school and my mom worked in their main office... I did it as a favour for them now they want to repay teh several favours I did for them this past year when they were short staffed and they needed someone who could drive a forklift... hence the reason why I am surprised they want to pay me, I just did it to get my name out there and try to get more business... i was leaning towards the 40-50 range beacuse I also did them some tshirts earlier this year that i did for cost...lol... heres my rough sign for them


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Don't ask for too much with a story like that. If you have that kind of reputation with the company and it's basically just a friendly thing to do, don't ask for too much money. Cause you never expected to get paid in the first place and secondly, theres no reason to make these people pay a lot of money for something you don't think is all that special.
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As its a charity type thing and as you weren't expecting any money for it, I would charge a fairly minimal fee, particularly as you have a pre-existing relationship!! (I have no idea what that wouldmean in dollar terms!)

If it were more of a business type thing, or if you only had a business relationship with them, you could get away with charging more I would have thought. Either way you have a very smart piece for a portfolio!

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Fair enough then,

its a local, favor type issue and $50 is fine.

I am giving you this advice coming from a guy who's been there and in many ways is still there.  It's sweet and flattering that you consider me a pro...but unless I stumble across that Moose post eight months ago, I am still a guy who's claim to fame is the mascot for Industrial Vacuum Inc. (who?)

In this situation, do what your instincts are telling you.  IN the future, lay down your terms in advance and make sure to get yours.  I've been the nice guy who could draw/design for years....characitures for friends and coworkers..portraits of somebodys kids, logos for small businesses.  Everybody is FULL of compliments but has no comprehension of industry standards or the inherent value of these products, of this skill.  People would come back with the obligatory $25-50 and although the gesture is appreciated, it don't pay the car payment ya know?  

A couple years ago I got lucky and sold an oil painting to someone who didn't jerk me around.  SOmeone who understood what it was we do.  That was an eye opener for me and I can't look back since.  Even with the Moose I had terms that had to make it worth my time....even though my primary goal was to have people on a national level see my work, you still have to get paid.  Just keep in mind in the future that what you do HAS value.  They can't do it or they wouldn't have asked you right?

PS - http://www.north18.com/images/lambeau.jpg

THis is the painting I did.  All oils. Measures 6.5ft by 5.75 ft.  Monstrous.  Took my 4 months of working every night after work.  But the client gave me $2500 which in retrospect is still real low...but they didn't balk at my quote and that is what I am getting at.  Find a number you can live with and throw it out there.  It's your time after all.

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