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Broncoes Wear Full Name On Back?


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Anyone else notice that some broncoes players had their full names on the backs? What's the point of that?

Just a guess but say they have two players with the same last name. (And before I get flamed these are examples not real players. I have noticed one needs to tread very lightly when on the logos or concepts boards.) Anyway, let's say for example one guy is named Joe Smith and the other is named Jack Smith.

Under normal circumstances players with the same last name would simply use their first initial. Like B. Smith or L. Smith but if their first names also start with the same initial then on occasion they might go to their full name.

The Browns had two players named Andre(a) Davis. The linebacker Andra Davis simply had his full name on the back of his jersey. I haven't really looked this year but he may still have it that way even though WR Andre Davis was sent elsewhere. Anyway to answer your question that may be one reason. Is it why Denver players were doing it? I don't know but it might be. Hope that helps a little... :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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