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2nd CONCEPT: Buffalo Bills "Bring Back The Blue"


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With this design I thought that I'd "Bring Back The Blue"

to Buffalo's, uniform by dealing away with the darker of

the two and keeping it strictly on a royal blue basis. This

is what was done...

1) Went back to the old school with the royal blue with

the addition of the royal blue pants they wore back

in the day

2) Added a top stripe to the socks to set it apart from

the white tugs

3) Added a thin silver stripe inside the sleeves, numbers

neck, tugs, helmet and socks

4) Switched the original old school away cuff and neck

color from blue to red

5) Added "BUFFALO" wordmark under "NFL Equipment"

logo on the front of the neck collar

P.S. I know it might be a long shot with the alternate red

jersey but it looked better than the Patriot, silver

looking one that I came up with originally. And as

far as the logo goes, it's just something that I came

up with while trying to learn the program's tools. It

might look good to some but as it says, it's a proto-

type! :D


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I actually agree with ColtzFan, the logo is way too cartoonish for an NFL logo. The uniforms look really good, with the exception of the red alt with blue pants. The roads look very similar to the stlye used by the Houston Oilers. In fact, they look practically identical to me, except obviously, you used a darker blue.

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Some thing I don't get about Buffalo teams, I know your city name is Buffalo, but the names aren't the bison of buffaloes. I guess its just kinda a pet peeve of mine but anyway what the hell is a Bill? As in the Bills name (not a dollar is it) :P

i believe they're named after "buffalo bill"


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Here it is with the old helmet. I tweaked the helmet just a little bit being that the stripe originally going

through the buffalo now is not connected to the horn letting the helmet color come through. How does

it look now? :D


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