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Maurice Richard


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I saw the film yesterday and I was moved.

This is a classy film for a national hero.

Habs players should see this film to be inspired.

FYI: Many players and NHL pundits do cameos in the film:

Mike Ricci (as Elmer Lach)

Vincent Lecavalier (as Jean Béliveau)ed

Sean Avery (as a crazy Ranger, who treats the Rocket as a frog... interresting not?)

I don't know if the film is present in Canada outside Québec. I saw the film in French, as almost bilingual as I am, I recommend to see the film in original french version (with subtitles maybe).

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I've never liked the Rocket. I hear he's a cocky guy and has the biggest ego possible. My grandpa worked for customs and one time the Canadiends came through. Long story short, the Rocket refused to deal with customs because as he put it " Don't you know who I am? I'm Rocket Richard!"

He sure was one hell of a hockey player though.

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Pascal Dupuis from the Wild is also in the movie.

Roy Dupuis, no relation to Pascal, who plays Rocket Richard was the star of the old La Femme Nikita TV series, a show I really, really loved. In fact, his character was called "spyboy" by the shows fans, and is where my board name comes from.

It will be interesting to see Ricci in the movie without his usual hair...


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