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One thing to say...


OK, now that thats over, I cannot believe that was almost a tie, that had to be the most insane game ive ever seen. We were finished in OT when ATL had that short FG set up that was BLOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was stoked, then Matt Bryant missed a 27 yarder <_< but eventually he made a 40 yarder to win it so hes now cool again with me. I thought a win would rule, a loss would suck, but a tie? i didnt even think about it. Win next week and we win the division :woot:

BTW, my condolences ATL fans, i would much rather see you there than Carolina

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Great win for the Bucs for sure a win next week they get the South.

and if we are to lose in week 17, I'll surely have a heart attack, it's the Saints for crying out loud (no offense to all Saints fans on the board)

Just remember though, we did lose to the Forty Frickin niners, and the last time we played the Aints, it wasnt exactly a blowout, in fact if it werent for Barber pullin in a hat trick, it may have gone the other way. But i still think were gonna fu*k em up next week

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I hope Arthur pulls some strings, and gets that Falcons team fixed. Miserable second half, Falcons. Way to give it away.

This is the worst set of NFC playoff teams in 20 years. This would have been a year that a good team could have cruised through to the Super Bowl. But no. We look inept, stupid, and show no desire.

Go Seahawks.

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