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Coastal ga peaches football concept


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Coastal Georgia Peach football

I created this team in NCAA 2004 using peach, light blue and black as the colors...then i realized a light green would work better, and that i should make a logo, so this is the end result.  the peach logo is based on the peach bowl's logo, and i have three alternate logos i'll post later and can't decide on(all read 'CGC' and have a leaf in the middle...just, they all read differently)...i already know i'm gonna be roasted based on the name i chose...despite being meant for a Georgia team and all, i'm gonna get roasted by someone and i know it.  :D

bring it on, boys :cool:

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fukui: as we now glance over to Morimoto's side and....WHOA!!!! WHOA WHAT IN THE NAME OF TSYUOSHI SHINJO IS THAT?

doc hattori: got me, Im....completely lost on this one...

fukui: man alive I think hes flipped this time!

ohta: fukui-san!

fukui: go!

ohta: the ingredients you see here include peach, lime, and black!

doc hattori: boy oh boy, I dont think I will be able to stomach that mix!


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i have hit the hardwood...

and the ice with my insanity.

i have absolutely no explanation for the front of the hockey jerseys looking like a cutoff home plate, and i have a lime green road for hoops cus i wanted a peach home jersey.  the alternate...again, i have no idea how i figured this looked good, it just came to me.

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. . . (a voice in my head) . . . "now where did I put my sunglasses?"

Well, what can I say - they're peach. I did like the 3rd jersey; green, black & peach.

By the way, I looked at your other hockey jerseys while on your site - I love that NY Islander jersey!!! But I had a hard time liking the Rangers Jersey - just not appealing . . . IMO

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