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Cuba WBC Bid OK'd


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It's about time, now I dont want to get into politics but it would've been pretty hypocritical if China was allowed in and not Cuba.

It'd also be hypocritical, seeing how the Orioles were allowed to play an exhibition series with the Cubans a few years ago, how the Cubans came to the Olympics in Atlanta ('96), and how the Cuban soccer teams have played friendlies and tournaments with us. It was just some grandstanding to take a swipe at the one country on our :censored: list we hadn't agitated in a while.

Where have you gone, Elian Gonzalez?

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Bring on the Cubans! Now we can prove to the world how good those "Amateur" players of theres really are! I look foreward to seeing them be (hopefully) embarrassed by our great Professionals and prove to the world that Cuba's success has only because they have played college players and minor leaguers!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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