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Boston Celtics Concept


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Ok guys, this is my third concept ever done and the first one I ever posted. It took me about 6 hours or so to do especially shading to do. I hope you all like it! Click link for celtics uniforms.

My Webpage

Edit: first two aren't nearly as awesome but I post if you guys want! PM me for info.

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So the white guys on the team are going to be running around looking like they're naked.

I must say, I like the thin striping, I like the thinning effect it has, where it tapers in.

But I can't get past the 'whatever colour that is'.

Has that colour ever been part of the Celtics palette?

Oh, and I've got a site.

Footy Jumpers Dot Com

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For a team like the Celtics, this is just way too much.

HOWEVER, the side striping is something interesting and is something I could see working for a team like the Raptors, Nuggets, Magic, etc. in the future. Plus, that color's just way too hideous.

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If the color of the jersey was white, it might work. However, the gold/pink? doesn't look right for the Celtics jerseys. The striping, as mentioned, is great, but the Celtic almost require a very simple uniform.

Just as nice seeing the celtics in those threads as they would running around naked with leaves covering their genitals. Ugh... please keep the unis you have now.

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New rule...no calling your own concept "Amazing"

agreed completely.

Come on, guys! Since when has arrogance and self-admiration been out of style?

When one man's definition of "amazing IMO" is roughly translated as "white guys look naked in these" by the population at large, it would appear... :therock:

"Start spreading the news... They're leavin' today... Won't get to be a part of it... In old New York..."


In order for the Mets' run of 12 losses in 17 games to mean something, the Phillies still had to win 13 of 17.

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