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Stars Alternate Concept


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I decided to redo the Dallas Stars alternate jersey. I dropped the mooterus from the jersey and went with the shoulder patch logo as the primary. Then I got rid of the red and used white and went with a more metallic gold. I wasn't sure about using the primary logo as the shoulder patch logo, so I dropped it off the jersey. I also used the blues shoulder template and recolored it in stars colors.


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The only thing I don't like about it is the logo. Yes, it's our alternet, but it's a terrible one. NEVER use it on purpose. I like the swishes and the color alignment, so this is a A- in my book.


the shoulder logo is one of my favorite logos in all of hockey. i've even considered getting it tatooed on my arm.......

either way, this isn't bad at all. if the stars wore it, i'd probably end up buying it... but i wouldn't be jumping up and down.

it's solid, but not much of a "wow" factor.

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As much as the straight shoulder stripes and the curved striping elsewhere don't really "match", I personally like design number one the best. I like the shoulder logo, and I think it would look better as a crest than the stoopid mooterus. Of course, there isn't much out there that wouldn't look better than the mooterus... ^_^

Overall, two thumbs up!

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