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WLAF Portland


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The boards' longest standing member from Oregon checks in with a few comments...

I love the helmet! Very cool. The colors are a little "off" in my opinion. It looks as though you were going for the state colors of blue and yellow. I like the blue, but the yellow looks kind of sickly.

As for the mer-man logo, I'm not sure yet. The execution is excellent, but I'm not sure if I like the logo for the team. I just don't know. He does, however, remind me of a male version of Portlandia, so that's cool.

The one complaint that I have is something that only Oregonians would catch and/or have a cow about. The name of the stadium is PGE Park, not PG&E Park. Two totally different entities. That's also how we catch Californians up here... B)

Good work overall!

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Very nice, I haven't checked out these WLAF concepts, but after seeing your work with this one, I'll make sure I go through the rest. This one looks great. My only suggestion is to maybe make the arm a bit more lifelike. It's very stiff. Just a slight elbow flex would make an improvement.

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