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With Providence being my last concept, I stay in-conference with the next team, DePaul:


-Yet another team with a nice logo package. It's nice having four logos at your disposal, rather than just one or two ("South Alabama?" ... "Present.") The logos are great, but the colors were a little tough to work with. That shade of blue directly bordering that shade of red tends to make me nauseated, so I trued to use white or black as a buffer whenever possible.

-The 'D' was tempting as a helmet logo, but I liked the blue demon...it had a nice forward motion, and it's intended to wrap around, Titans-style.

-Shoulder stripes....I dunno, they just looked Demon-esque. Pants stripes, as well...copied from the 'D' logo.

-Red alternate, because it beat the heck out of a black alternate. And plus, you can do cool things with red alternates...look at the Texans.

-And with the throwback, we once again have a numbers game...but it's a little different this time. Before, you were supposed to have to dig a little...this one, if you don't know it, you need to be smacked in the face with a basketball history book. :D

C&C...have at it! Thanks!

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Once again, you've done awesome work, Shane. Great idea using black as a buffer between the blue and the red, the blue is definitely a shade unique to DePaul. It especially works well on the numbers. The only thing I might have done differently is the number font. For the letters/numbers on their basketball uniforms, DePaul uses a font similar to BlaxSlabXXL (if it's not what the Phoenix Suns use for their identity package, it's damn close). I'm thinking it might read a little better than Demonized for the nameplates on the back. At the very least, you might want to de-italicize the names on the back (the numbers read well, the names don't).

Before I answer the throwback jersey trivia question, I noticed that you used 45 for the home/away/alternate uniforms. My friend's cousin (Quemont Greer) wore that number when he played for DePaul two-three years ago. Didn't know whether or not you had it in mind, just thought you'd like to know. As for the number on the throwback jersey, could it have anything to do with George Mikan?

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I think you should use the D on the helmet. It still has the movement you're looking for and is just a btter logo IMO. The D on the collar should be changed with the secondary logo. I don't think having an asymetrical logo on a collar works, it just looks off balance. Anyways besides that these are great. I really like the pant stripes.

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Wow. Another winner. Beyond what's been said (especially deitalicizing the name font), I wouldn't do much more to this. For what it's worth, I'd keep the demon on the helmet - a good logo is harder to pull off in college where it's always easier to fall back on a safe monogram. And an extra thank you for not throwing in any more black than was absolutely needed, seeing how it isn't a school color. Whoever started pairing royal and dark blue with black should be smacked in the head. There's a reason you don't wear dark blues with black, yet for some merchandising cash, people seemed to forget that.

George Mikan would be proud. (Looks like I wasn't the only one onto the reference that time... :hockeysmiley:)

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Yea... I liked those throwbacks when the NY Giants wore them. :D

Seriously though... these are beautiful. Modern looking without being too trendy (in 10 years, we're gonna look at most of the MAC unis the way we look at baseball in the 70's).

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Shane, awesome job on these concepts so far, I have a few problems with this concept though. The colors okay, but with so many logos I think you should have made a red helmet, its not the NFL so you could have two helmet. I also was sad that the dashing demon is absent in this concept, and the striping leaves a lot of blank room, if you know what I mean. You didn't use black much so I like that, also the throwbacks are sweet, thats what I believe the NCAA is missing a throwback week would be nice, we can only dream.


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Thanks a lot for the comments, guys. I've been extremely busy, but I finally had a chance to revisit this concept and reply to the comments.

-I didn't use any more black than necessary, because, as VitaminD said...it's not a school color. The other DePaul teams (with the exception of soccer) don't use a lot of black, and I wanted them to fit within the identity package. Plus...they're the BLUE Demons...using blue makes a lot more sense to me.

-Also, I'll keep the demon on the helmet...as VitaminD again said, you can throw a monogram on almost any helmet. That's not to say that it looks bad, or it's a second-rate design, but when there's a distinctive logo that's just as useful, I think you go with it. The blue demon is a Blue Demon, which can (as far as I know) ONLY be DePaul. If the average fan just saw a blue helmet with a D, it could be Duke, Drake, Drexel, Duquesne, Delaware, etc etc...I think it's a lot more unique.

-While I understand that some people are looking for a more progressive look...keep in mind that I'm trying to make these as realistic as possible, while also fitting in with the current identity. Plus...the "progressive" looks just don't seem to have the longevity that other styles have. Like Bucks6thMan said, we're probably going to look back at the MAC and say "Wow..." much like we do the Buccaneers Creamsicle or the Houston Astros' Rainbows. Will the Oregon diamondplates see the field in 2008? My bet is no. There are times that I'll allow myself to go a little nuts and have something that can be a bit of a challenge to come up with (see: Marquette, Seton Hall, UNC-Wilmington)...otherwise it'd just be slapping some logos and colors onto a template and calling it a concept. However, you're not getting any diamondplates, contrasting sleeves, or Miami stripes outta me...pal. :P

-And yes, B6M, now that you say it...the throwbacks do look a little Giants-ish. Eh...not necessarily a bad thing.

-Dom, as far as the red helmet...I'm not ruling out two helmets, but the fact that most of these are institutions without a lot of expendable income (which is why some have dropped football recently or still don't have a team) and the realism again comes into factor. However, I did have 4 jerseys for UNCW, so I'm not completely saying no to it.

-And as for the dashing demon logo...I would have loved to have used it, but it really wouldn't have fit anywhere on the uniform. I didn't have a vector version anyway, or it would have gone up top with the other logos, even though it went unused.

-And yes, the player is none other than George Mikan. Moser, that's very interesting, but purely coincidential.

(Wow, I typed a lot.) After all that, I changed exactly one thing. I de-italicized the name font. :D


Once again, thanks to everyone for the C&C. I know it's a small thing to change, but the overall vibe for this was positive. If there had been major problems, there would have been more change, so I don't want everyone to think their C&C is going to waste. However, more comments are still welcome...as long as there are new ideas, I'm never done!

Next up, is...wouldn't you like to know? :P

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