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Mets Concept


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the jersey is a little extreme and as sideshow said maybe it could work as a fashion jersey. Imo colored pants just look very very odd in baseball, and i dont like it. Being this is your first concept it isnt bad at all but try making the jersey script more clean and add a white (home) and gray (road) also, and ditch the blue pants.


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tell me what you think about it its my first attempt at a concept

For some reason, the black on the blue aren't working for me at all. Too little contrast. That's especially true on the cap, but the jersey too is comparatively hard to read. And when it comes to jersey text, anything other than "blazingly easy to read under dim light at 500 feet" is a failure. When you have two dark colors in close proximity, you have to separate them with sufficient spaces of light colors.

I'm not against the idea of dark pants per se, as most here are. As long as this is a road uniform, that is. I don't even like non-white alternate jerseys at home; dark pants at home would earn an automatic forfeit if I were commissioner. Anyway, point is, I won't reject your idea just because it has dark pants. (Worked just fine for the A's back in the day, and the truth is most of the first organized baseball clubs wore dark pants, so blue pants are much more "traditional" than white.) However, the shirt is actually a bit dull. The contrasting raglan sleeves with third-color piping looks like a couple of Pacific Coast League and Negro Leagues jerseys I've seen from the 1930s era. It's retrograde, not retro, and highly derivative to boot. If you're going to go for an all-blue road uniform with flashes of orange, you need to come up with something more interesting than just changing the sleeve color. When you go in the direction of colored pants, you should start to look to football and hockey in terms of patterns and color.

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