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Val d'Or Foreurs


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Scrim's Foreurs project page

tracing the Foreurs third jersey crest took a while (off and on for the better part of a month), and since I know folks are gonna ask for a large version of it, here ya go, eat up ya mongrels :P


now onto the concept...I actually put the crest on ice for a few weeks, as I initially had no idea what to do with it...then I decided a diamond motif, like the shape of the crest, would work. So, all three uniforms use diamonds in some form, mainly striping. For the hell of mention, I used the Rams' font for names/captaincy/numbers, and the back of the collar reads Foreurs on the home greens and Val d'Or on the other two jerseys. I didn't use their normal logo anywhere cus frankly, it blows.

home green


away white


third black/green/gold


C & C appreciated...you knowz it :hockeysmiley:

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I really like the home and the third, but I don't like all the yellow on the away. Other things I might suggest giving a whirl is an extra stripe on the home and away. A white stripe on the green jersey, and depending if you change the color pattern on the white a black or green stripe. Great work though. I really love the idea behind the third.

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thanks...part of the trouble of an extra stripe, though, would be where to put it. heh, it's somethin to sleep on, at least...I might go ahead and change the white's striping. Hell, now that I think about it, I'm goin ahead and making a white version of the third as a fourth.

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I took a second look earlier, and I wasn't as sharp the first time as I'd have liked to be...the gold portion of the miner's face, oddly enough, ended up overlapping the helmet's light slightly, and as I wanted to redo the whites anyway, I went ahead and fixed the crest.

Anyways, I made slight changes to the home (basically, minor striping fixes and the crest), switched the road diamond stripe to green with gold trim (along with the home fixes), and rolled out a new pants shell and sock set for the thirds, which I also used for the fourth.

Speaking of which, here's the fourth!


admittedly, it doesn't look as good as I thought it would, but it works okay anyway. come to think of it, I'd thought about using the third/fourth's striping (minus the big diamond) for the main jerseys, and might roll that out just to see what it'd look like.

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As a Foreurs fan (and DJ, living there), I don't really like them, and I'm sure many Foreurs fans would agree with me. But, from a out of market point of view, they would look simply nice, seeing as the design is original. Anyway, nice try and sorry if I've been harsh towards your concept.

P.S. I agree that the main logo blows but blame the organisation for not using their 3rd jerseys anymore

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