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And now, by popular demand...HOOTERS AIR!


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See...I told you eventually I'd get around to it!!! Just had to get the other ones out the bag. I still got a few other international carriers I'm working on, but I figured I'd go ahead and throw this one on out there for you all to see!!!

If anyone's interested, here's the previous TWENTY concepts in this series...yes, TWENTY:

American Airlines

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US Airways

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Southwest Airlines

Midwest Airlines

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AirTran Airways

America West Airlines


Air Canada

JetBlue Airways

Independence Air

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

British Airways

Air France


Hawaiian Airlines

Alaska Airlines

And now, it's on to Hooters Air!

This one here struck me as funny--the airline, that is--when I first saw it pull into the gate at the airport I was working at at the time I saw it. HOOTERS, with an airline? Well, yeah. Guess that goes to show you just about anyone thinks they can run or buy or otherwise have their own airline. This one was unique in that it was birthed from a successful franchise or neighborhood eateries--a well-known one, at that (as I'm sure about 99% of the guys in this community can attest to). Most folks just referred to these planes as "flying billboards". (So what's wrong with a little "free" advertising, eh???) As it happens, the airline was only in operation for three short years (Independence Air, anyone?). Yeah...was. The airline was grounded earlier this year due to financial hardships (read:FUEL COSTS) and stiff competition from other LCC's (low-cost carriers--think AirTran, JetBlue, Southwest and the like). The airline was actually targeted towards GOLFERS who Bob Brooks, the founder of Hooters and subsequently, this airline (who I ALSO HAPPEN TO SHARE A SURNAME WITH...and what's more is his first name also spell out my initials!!!), figured would enjoy a different change-of-pace atmosphere at 30,000 feet or so...the Hooters experience, scantily-clad women and all, in mid-air. (Don't know if they served the wings...never got to fly the airline. Maybe one of you lucky bastards out there has flown on it though...I envy you if you have. ^_^ ) The airline under which Hooters operated, Pace Airlines, still operates charter flights, however. (How weird is that?)

So...how 'bout that concept? Okay then.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't have too much to go on with this. See here. Distinctive and yet pretty simple at the same time, maybe because of all that bright orange. Well...I believe one could say the look is distinctively "Hooters", and that's what I went for with this set. The home shirt is orange; road shirt white (obviously). Home muners are white outlined in blue; road numbers orange outlined in blue. Home pants are white with orange/blue/orange stripe; road pants are orange with white/blue/white stripe. (It sorta minics the blue cheatline on the plane's livery.) Socks are blue, as is the facemask on the white helmets. That was done for the purpose of balance--didn't wanna "over-orange" this thing here. the 3rd/alt set is basically a recolorization (but really, that was about the only way I could go with that), with blue shirt and white numbers outlined in orange, the orange pants from the road set, and the blue socks. Overall, I think its says "Hooters" without screaming it out, yet at the same time looks clean and professional.

(By the way, disclaimer: any similarity to the old Denver Broncos uniform set here, or nostalgic senses spawned herein or thereof, are not intentional, but are welcomely encouraged. :D )

And so, by popular demand (this had to be one of the most requested airlines I've gotten for this series)...

...for the masses, HOOTERS AIR!


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Do the hooters girls ride that plane w/you??? Sign me up!

Ok back to the concept. I dunno if I really like the helmet, white is so plain and basic. I would like to see a blue helmet that would look sweet, I would have to say. Other than that I like the traditional look, great job. I would like to see you to Frontier Airlines.

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Those are great uniforms. Like anybody's going to notice them with the Hooters girls on the sidelines :P

I know right? And the funny thing is I was thinking about that as I was putting this concept together...

Hooters cheerleaders...it'd be something straight out "The Replacements"...who'd focus on the players when the cheerleaders are so damn attractive???

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