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Ok everyone, A couple monthes ago someone decided to do a NBA court thing, unfortunatly they stopped. Those were great courts, and i will try my best do make courts close to that. Now I will be making all my courts in ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, and I will post PNG images but also give out .AI files. Now I am currently working on some courts. I need a little help tho. I have searched the web, google, gone onto NBA courtside live, extracted files out of NBA LIVE 06 to get the most accurate images and arena logos and where logos go. If anyone has any very good pictures, or has an Arena logo, plz help me out.

Ok well wish me luck and stay tuned for some courts. thx

Thoughts, opinions and ideas welcome.

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Um... alright. Well i am making all of them. And I am goign in order. But so far this is what i have been searching for a logn time.


- The baseline text that says SUPERSONICS

- The middle (jump ball) circle that has the logo on a brown circle.

- Key arena logo


- American Airlines Arena


- the Red Auerbach logo.



-The baseline text that says MAVERICKS and the stars.

Like I said if you have high resolution, or preferbale vectors of these, please send to basketballex@hotmail.com

Thanks for the help.

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Yeah, the Pacers court doesn't look right. When I see it on TV it looks like a very light gray. They had white last year, I believe, and it looks like they've changed it this year. Still, I don't think what you have is light enough.

Second, the wordmarks on the baseline of the Nuggets court should go from three-point line to three point line... like in the following picture...


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Alright thanks guys, i'll try fixing them, hopefully you understand that this is not the easiest thing to do, but i do appreciate your comments. miltonANDlumbergh i wish you continued with your courts, they were perfect, may i ask where you got some logos and wordmarks, for exemple the sonics court?

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I certainly understand that it's not the easiest. Just wanted to offer any help I could give to get them as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the Pacers court from this year so we can get the color of their out-of-bounds correct... I only saw it when my Nuggets played in Indiana a few nights back. The only other thing that I can think of, and I'm not sure if you'd want to do this anyway, but I think the ball in the Lakers logo at center court has a gradient effect going from the outside to the middle.

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Ok um... well first off yah Indiana court needs work. Interesting, i'll check that lakers thing. Now here is what i have found. i watched pistons raps a few days ago, or pistons lakers. Anyway ur right, the court has pistons.com like the other courts, but under the pistons bench there are retired players number and last name. Also the Detroit Pistons baseline is smaller. Orlando arena is now Amway, Seattle supersonics centre logo needs the brown circle around it. Um.. Denver wordmarks need wordm, Miami Heat court needs and updated American Airlines Arena logo. Um..... what else... And new orleans obviously. I'll just try to make all the courts for each team eventually.

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