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Nifl expansion team- atlantic city cardsharks


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You know, there are so many minor leagues out there right now - someone needs to get the word out to these organizations and their teams that there is this buzzing hive of sports logo artists and enthusiasts, some of whom might even be willing to offer designs in exchange for some exposure.  I've got to believe that there are some teams out there, regardless of their level on the professional scale that could benefit from the talents that participate on this board.
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They really do put the minor in Minor Leagues, don't they?

Their Homepage

ooh, looky mommy i learnt to use illustrator :P

team: ehh, it's good enough.

IMO, there is a very simple solution: go with bosack or somebody, your logo will look like you actually gave a plop about it.  hell, phoenix coulda done better.

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What kills me the most about the entire NIFL in general is that you have some teams who are willing to go through the effort and put together a professional-looking indentity, (ie. Utah, Myrtle Beach, Tupelo, Fort Wayne)...and then you have teams that just don't care (Greenville, AC, Show Me [dumb city/state name there, too])...

You guys want a challenge? Go to the ...NIFL site and design logo and uniform packages for what you consider to be the worst team there.

Now I'm kinda glad they don't wanna expand into Canada

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i'm compiling a list here of potential winners:

Staten Island Xtreme: they tried, at least.  unfortunately, no one told them 'Xtreme' is a crappy name and the logo looks bush.  i've seen semipro teams with better identities.

the aforementioned AC Cardsharks: the NIFL site displays a crappier version of the logo (shark holds a football and is sort of smiling)...ding ding ding

Houma Bayou Bucks: couldn't they just rip off the Milwaukee Bucks and be done with it?

Beaumont Drillers: good start with the driller guy, the rest of it seems like an afterthought.

Show Me Believers: River City Renegades was much better, there is absolutely nothing you can do with 'Believers'.

Sioux Falls Storm: stupid logo, but most of the good Storm stuff's been taken.  maybe some outside the box style thinking would work here

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If anyone does happen to go to the NIFL site and browse the teams...please not e the Creative Masterpiece that is the Wichita Falls Thunder.  Nothing, yes nothing, says "Thunder" to me...more than a Bat with Lightning bolts for wings. *Pausing, realizing that I just used the words "bat" and "lightning bolts for wings" to describe a logo*

I can see it now...that bat will be plastered as a decal on their helmets. Note the bolt's resemblance to the old Cleveland/Columbus Thunderbolts of the AFL. $20 says that bat is front and center on the face of the helmet, with the bolts wrapping around.

I agree with OSilverbacks in regards to the logos. It's a shame that some went out and put up $$ to make themselves stand out, while others got the owner's neighbor's kid to do them.

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