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Nfl teams that need some changes, not overhauls


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some nfl teams need some changes in their uniforms, this mainly would be in color combos, here is what i think:

raiders black pants

colts blue pants

eagles silver pants

jets green helmet

jaguars bronze or teal helmet

titans light blue helmet

steelers old font

ravens purple pants

bengals orange pants/jersey

denver a normaler font

bucs orange jersey

cowboys blue pants

i will ask for photoshops on the request forum but if u want to neway thatd be great

do you guys agree with these or what???

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Raiders with black pants - I like it.

Colts blue pants - They've used them before, and they should use them again.

Eagles with silver pants - That's intriguing.

Jets with green helmets - I'm not that cazy about it.

Jags with a bronze or teal helmet - I think a metallic, teal helmet with a black facemask would be a good touch.

Titans with light blue helmet - That doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

Steelers with the old font - Bring back the Steel Curtain!

Ravens with purple pants - I think black pants would be better.

Bengals with orange jerseys and pants - Just don't wear them both together.

Denver with a normaler font - I like their font. BTW, nice use of the word "normaler".

Bucs with an orange jersey - I'm a Bucs fan, and that would bring back painful memories.

Cowbays with blue pants - I've been wanting them to do that for a long time.



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ok,I like the idea of Colts in blue pants, a la 1995 Jim Harbaugh days

Definitely bring back the Steelers old font...current ones are goofy

Here's what I'd like to see

Pats with a White jersey/silver pant combo, as well as a return to scarlett red numbers on their white road jerseys.

Rams need to go back to their block letter days with the current uniform like what they did in 2000.

Junk the ENTIRE Bills uniform, helmet and all...now, let's start from scratch and not come up with a uniform that was designed by a 15 year old kid in a mental ward.

Junk the ENTIRE Seahawks uniform (save the logo) and let's come up with some colors that don't look like a combination of raw sewage with mercury in it

The Raiders have never worn black pants...let's keep it that way.

Eagles in gray pants? Sure, just get rid of all the black on the uniform, that way you don't have too many colors present on the uniform.

I'd LOVE to see the 49ers in white pants, just once, ONCE a year (reminds me of the 1994 super bowl, one of my favorites)

The Bucs should get rid of their pewter pants...just a horrible sight when you see 290-300+ lbs linemen with ass sweat bleeding though the pants (which is easily visible, unfortunately, with pewter pants)

Panthers need to re-vamp their uniform, somehow, someway...the look still screams out expansion team to me.

The Jaguars should go back to their original block number font.

Cardinals should ALWAYS wear white pants with their white jerseys...CLASSIC, refined look.

Chargers are another team desperately in need of a uniform overhaul (just don't refer them to the guys who did the Seahawks or Bills monstrocities)

Oh, and Week 12 (whichever week Thanksgiving falls on)...ALL TEAMS WEAR THROWBACKS. Even the Bucs. The Ravens, Titans and Panthers should come out with Throwback-style uniforms for that week alone, resembling their current look. The Texans should wear Oilers throwbacks, and the Jags should go with their 1995 uniform (same as today, just different number font)

I could go on...but I'll stop here.

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Seahawks would do allright if they switched to navy for the pants. The players really wanted the monochrome look, though, and it seems to work: they went 8-0 at home this year. They probably would be allright if they just used the old uniform template with the new logo and put the seahawk head & stripes on the armband, instead of the tiny logo.
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Raiders - black pants


COPY/PASTE: http://www.geocities.com/j0nkj/raiders.jpg

Colts - blue pants


COPY/PASTE: http://www.geocities.com/j0nkj/colts.jpg

Eagles - silver pants


COPY/PASTE: http://www.geocities.com/j0nkj/eagles.jpg

Broncos - normaler numbers


COPY/PASTE: http://www.geocities.com/j0nkj/broncos.jpg

Bengals - orange pants / Rams - yellow accents


COPY/PASTE: http://www.geocities.com/j0nkj/bengalsrams.jpg

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raiders black pants-NO WAY they are classic you don't touch those

colts blue pants-GOD YES they looked great the one year they wore them

eagles silver pants-I had also been thinking of this, though I think flat gray would look even better

jets green helmet-nah, I dig the classic look, and the pre-1997 unis were scary

jaguars bronze or teal helmet-*shudder*

titans light blue helmet-*shudder again*

steelers old font-yes, I am also a strong supporter of this, the current "helmet number" font is a joke

ravens purple pants-or black, but yeah the all-white has got to go

bengals orange pants/jersey-AAAHHH! How about just black pants w/the white jerseys?

denver a normaler font-I like the current look, but they do really need navy pants on the road and an orange stripe on the white jerseys to match rather than the navy blue one, it's called consistency

bucs orange jersey-eeehhh, maybe

cowboys blue pants-nah, too classic, but BRING BACK THE DOUBLE STAR JERSEYS!!!!

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I like the Eagles in silver pants and the Colts in blue pants. :)

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X Man.....

I had thought the Seahawks would look good in the Dark Navy pants.

As far as the logo, alot of people have asked to bring back the sleeve wrap around of the logo, but I like the new look better. The problem with the small logo falls on the fault of Reebok.

When they first introduced the jerserys it had a nice big prominent Seahawks Logo on the sleeves, but when Reebok decided to move their Reebok logo from the shoulder edge to the arm area, they had to reduce the size of the Seahawks logo, which I dont think was necessary when you look at how big other teams sleeve logos are.

If you were fortunate enough to get an Authentic jersey in the first year, than you have a much larger logo than most

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I think the Seahawks' helmet and home jersey are fantastic (although I would like to see the wraparound hawk return to the sleeves).  What ruins the look for me are the matching blue pants - too much of a good thing ruins it for me.  I think the white pants look just fine with the blue jerseys.
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I think the Seahawks' helmet and home jersey are fantastic (although I would like to see the wraparound hawk return to the sleeves). What ruins the look for me are the matching blue pants - too much of a good thing ruins it for me. I think the white pants look just fine with the blue jerseys.

I agree totally. When they launched the new look I thought wow that looks good. I assumed they would wear the white pants with the blue top. However there all blue look is IMO one of the worst looks in the NFL.

I'd like to see the Bengals try an orange top and black pants, although I am not keen on any of the changes suggested by puckcool, maybe the colts in blue pants, just maybe!


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i dont like the all blue seahawks look either, but the reason they use it is because the players like it. in the end the players have to wear the uni, so if this is what the players like, its good enough for me.
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