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I'm in a dilemma.


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At the nearby Hat Shack, they have had a red Lake Elsinore Storm hat on for $20 bucks. However, they don't have it in my size. So, I'm planning on buying that hat as well as one of those navy USA World Baseball Classic hats from MinorLeagues.com. However, they also have the solid black and, the one that had always been my personal favorite, the one with the black crown and red bill. So, I'm having a hard time trying to chose which Storm hat I like best. Help me, if you can, decide which one look best. Thanks.




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I kind of like the red more because I like how it shows the outlines around the eyes. The black is cool because it looks real intimidating. However, I'm not as fond of the black hat. It has too much black for me.

I'm sure that I will make my mind up by tomorrow. I'm definitely getting the navy USA, though. Also, I've always wanted to get a Kannapolis Intimidators hat, too. But, I'll wait until later to get that one. Thanks for your help so far.

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