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New TCBY logo


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I'm not particularly sure how new this is, but I happened to glance at Rock Hill's TCBY today and saw that they have a new logo on the building.





I dunno if it's just nostalgia and me preferring the late 80's-early 90's designs of almost every fast food restaurant (especially Taco Bell, Burger King, Long John Silver's, and Arby's) but I much prefer the older one. The typeface was maybe a little too 80's, but the new one is way too childish.

One of the pages I looked at to grab some pics said something about TCBY's campaign to get rid of its former slogan: "The Country's Best Yogurt" which is what the store is named after and why TCBY was in quotes. (But the pic I showed, as well as the one here had "TCBY Yogurt" on the storefront...kinda redundant. "The Country's Best Yogurt" yogurt.) So, I guess now instead of it abbreviating anything...TCBY is just TCBY.

But the logo still sucks.

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I think that logo has been around for a few months now, but I'm not positive.

Either way, I don't mind it. It looks like it is supposed to be sort of fun and playful, like the new Baskin Robbins logo (but without the clever sublimated "31" of course). Also, TCBY has started serving ice cream and (near me, anyway) soft pretzels (licensed from a local chain), so I'm guessing they were going for a fresh start to help deemphasize the "yogurt" part.

My main pet peeve with TCBY is that the name is so cumbersome, even when it is abbreviated. KFC flows, for example, but TCBY has no flow to it at all.

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I drove by a soon-to-be opened TCBY and looks like they're trying to completely re-brand not just their look, but their entire business.

I got the confirmation after doing some research:


So if anyone wondered how they were going to respond to the Pink Berry's and Red Mango's of the world, there's the answer. I think it's a necessary move, but as you can see below, the logo is clean, yet rather generic (the trend continues!).


With the way the "y" is shaped like a cup, I'm kind of shocked they didn't place any fruit shapes in there. Odd.


Also, came across this one that I haven't seen elsewhere:


It's from a store in the Cayman Islands apparently.

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