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A new miami dolphins concept


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Alright, I have been working to make a template for football uniforms. Kinda like the ones everyone uses for hockey concepts.

So I thought I'd try out this concept. It's kinda like a concept I had before.

Here's the concept:

Copy / Paste... you know the drill...

And for everyone who wants to see the template, here ya go:

Copy / Paste again...


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i like it, its clean and good

btw - isnt that just STL's template with sum changes u made?

yeah.... that looks almost exactly like the template that i use for my football concepts, made by STL....

i've never really heard of braden....

i hope he isn't a template theif... that'd be some controversy.

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braden has been here for a good while,i dont think he is doing any sort of "template stealing", but just about that entire template except for the sleeves looks to be from STL's old one (he released a much nicer new one a while back thats in the templates thread)

all i'm saying is give credit where credit is due  :;):

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