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Nyr concept


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I like the basic concept. A Few things need changing, though.

1. Sleeve #s are too big.  They shouldn't extend into the shoulder outline     piping/striping.

2.  If you're going to use the new shield as the main logo(I think they should use a shield as a main logo), then use something else as the shoulder logo.  For the main logo, try using the traditional shield colored correctly for the navy blue.  Might look nice.

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I can tell right away where you got the inspiration for it. ;)

I'd say it works.  I think the Rangers should have a jersey with the shield on it.  I should have the shoulders a bit smaller lengthwise so the numbers could fit in entirely.  Good use of the silver.  Maybe use the liberty head logo as the shoulder logo.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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I like the overall idea, I was actually thinking of doing something along the same lines. I do think they should go to the shield as the main logo, and I also think they should go to navy instead of their eye-piercing royal blue. On a side note, is Kasparaitis really #72 now? Weird.
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