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Nashville Predators concept


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I've been working on these for some time and finally finished 'em. Couple notes:

I created these logos from scratch outta my own noggin'.

I think the Preds have one of the worst identities in the league, and I wanted to get rid of the robot-looking sabre tooth tigers. So I went with a more realistic looking cat on the primary.

I made the 3rd jersey-mustard the main color, and kept the navy and silver as secondary colors. I realize there's also yellow and red in the primary logo, but they won't be used as official team colors.

The alternate logo is based on the history of the team (For those who aren't familiar, they were named after a sabre tooth tiger skeleton found under Nashville-I found this really cool, since I always assumed it was just a randomly given name).

I'm working on the uniforms now, but please, gimme some sweet C&C lovin' on the logos. :hockeysmiley:


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mouth on the top logo looks strange.

it has a sort of joint in the middle of it. it should just be one curved line rather than the two at the moment.

i dont really get the bottom one.

otherwise they are pretty good. certainly better than the real one.

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i agree with davidson about the top logo, the mouth just needs work, the rest looks great. The secondary is a little odd. I understand it, but it seems too complicated for a logo. a good illustration of the skull on its own would be nice, just not like the current one is. the colors are working well IMO in the top logo too, so keep those the same.

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