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Mon Valley Thunder of the MAHL


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Andrew Haines, whose last endeavour was almost destroying the AIFL/AIFA, reportedly has strong ties to this league. Sounds like a one and done train wreck to me.

On 8/1/2010 at 4:01 PM, winters in buffalo said:
You manage to balance agitation with just enough salient points to keep things interesting. Kind of a low-rent DG_Now.
On 1/2/2011 at 9:07 PM, Sodboy13 said:
Today, we are all otaku.

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Overall I like the logo, but the Flying Puck is a little out of place. I know it's a Hockey team, but either put a stick in his hands and keep the puck or keep the hammer and remove it.

Agreed, the designer probably got so wrapped up with the rendering of the Thor guy that he/she realized that it had nothing to do with hockey and just threw in a puck in the end. Unfortunately it comes across more like the puck is a fly pestering the viking guy and he's going insane trying to kill it with a hammer. Not exactly how I'd want to spend a sunny day personally. ;)

I will give the designer credit and ASSUME that they tried it with a hockey stick instead of a hammer and probably didn't like it because it was too obvious.

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I like this style of a logo - it's simple and clean. Love the Hammer as part of logo.

Nice work. The style looks familar.

I am looking forward to other logos being release from the MAHL.

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