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Coming back to red, blue and white

Le Québécois

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Yeap, it appears that probably the most concepted NHL franchise on this forum, The Washington Capitals are coming back to the American National Colors next season.

Here's my concept in which I kept a touch of gold...

as always.... MSPaint!

C and C are welcome...


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I always find your work interesting. On this set the logo is boring, and too much gold. Swap the positions of the red and the gold. As for the logo...scrap it. There are a lot better ways to represent the Caps than a W with Capitals across it. I also don't really dig the DC thing either. What is good...the jersey style & the use of the stars.

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I like the big W on the chest. Excellent.

The gold is far too dominant, though. This is not a red, white, and blue uniform. It's a gold uniform with red and blue highlights. Switch the gold and red, and then possibly switch the red and blue, and you'll have more of the right balance. And then you'll need to incorporate a touch more gold into the chest logo and numbers/letters.

Regarding the curvy stripes on the bottom, I don't understand why you've made that choice. They don't make me think of Washington. I'm all for decorating the bottom of hockey jerseys, but these color arcs look thrown on rather than thought out. A truly great Caps concept will look like a team from Washington even if the logo and lettering is removed.

Finally, why five stars on the front? There are three stars in DC's flag; three stars would also stand for the three "states" of the Washington area and the three branches of government in the capital. I can also think of arguments for one star, for two, for four, or for thirteen. But not five. Again, that makes the stars look thrown on rather than thought out.

But I love the idea of that giant W bearing down the ice at the Flyers.

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Definately one of your better concepts.

Good things: Secondary logo, socks, gloves

Needs Improvement: Jersey looks too much like Ducks, pants need a side stripe, switch gold on jerseys with red or blue

Has to go: Primary logo (like incorporation of wordmark into logo, though)

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Hmm... these jerseys, good or bad, are certainly intriguing. First off, I think that both the logos were cool in their own way. The W you had on the first attempt is classic, and as BallWonk noted it could be intimidating. Also, the eagle would look good on an alt or on the sleeves. Next, the biggest problem is that I find the red/blue/gold combo hideous. It would work, in my opinion, if the colors were red and blue with only a trace of gold on the outlines, but besides that it is a no-no. Last, the striping on the updated jersey is real cool. I like how you incorporated it on the socks too. Overall, you would have a dandy if you diminish the gold. B

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Meh. All in all, I'm not warming up to it.

Mainly, it doesn't look like something an NHL team would wear. The NHL is supposed to be the very best hockey in the world, and this looks very minor-league, very amateurish. Dozens of tiny stars everywhere, a crest crammed with American iconography, all kinds of crazy blocks of colors and stripes running in all directions. It's just overdone.

Beyond that, there are legitimate design problems as well.

1. The gold looks more like an athletic gold... which is to say, yellow. I see the jerseys, I think this is for one of the South American countries that were part of Gran Colombia, not the US. Take off some of the stars and change the eagle, and these could be Venezuela's sweaters.

2. The player name font is very hard to read. The "H and "K" in "Ovechkin" are almost identical, and I would imagine that the "U" and "V" would be as well.

3. The number is entirely too wide. The "8" takes up most of the width of the back; try Eric Lindros's #88 back there, and the numbers will wrap around to the front.

4. The wordmark is blander than bland. Considering how unique the lettering font is for player names, to go with a bland font for the wordmark is baffling at the very best.

I dig a lot of your work, but this one's not cutting it for me. Sorry.

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